Your Guide To Getting The Synthetic Turf San Diego Has To Offer

picture of guide to getting synthetic turfNatural Grass Look with the Synthetic Grass Benefits 

It looks like natural grass — but it doesn’t act like natural. Synthetic turf lets you have all the benefits of a natural, lush, and fresh-looking yard without the costs and energy it usually takes. Unlike your traditional natural lawn, you don’t have to water, fertilize, or bargain with your kids every single time you need the front yard mowed, when you have artificial turf installed.

But before you start shopping for your synthetic turf, it pays to be armed with the right information — just so you don’t end up with artificial grass that suddenly breaks apart or quickly fades in color after several months of use. Because not all turf is created equal, some careful consideration is called for when you’re doing your shopping. Here is a quick guide to the synthetic turf San Diego professionals have to offer.


Synthetic Turf Putting Green San Diego


Specify Your Need for Artificial Turf

Some families use artificial grass for their lawns because it’s safe for kids to run around on and it keeps the gophers (they eat roots and leave holes) away. Other families might get synthetic turf installed for their very own putting green. Choose artificial grass that’s best for the purpose you seek.

UV-Protection and other Critical Features

Sun exposure can and will make the green color of your fake grass fade away. But with sufficient UV-protection, it’ll stay green and fresh throughout the years. But aside from sun protection, your artificial turf should also allow for reduction of heat absorption. On especially sizzling summers, your fake grass may be too hot to sit on so ask your installer about heat absorption.

Find out as much as you can about the range of materials

Much like the carpet in your home, your artificial turf will be made in two components: the fiber and the backing. The fibers are those sprouts or blades of artificial grass and the backing is where the fibers are attached. You’ll find some artificial turf made from polyethylene or polypropylene with backings ranging from the most common, urethane, to the most eco-friendly, soy-based enviro-cell backing.

Choose your Synthetic Grass Installer Carefully

The artificial turf installer you choose is important because installation determines the long lifespan of your synthetic grass. Your installer may need to prep your site well before putting in the fake grass. The area may be configured for ideal drainage. A secondary thatch may also be put in place to prevent messy infills. Good professional installation lets you gain all the benefits of a synthetic turf so pick the right service provider.

Pick a Style that is Suitable for Your Area

Different types of grass grow in different states. So ask your installer which types of grass are common to your area. By choosing the specific type of grass that’s local to your state, your synthetic grass will look as real as natural grass does on your yard.


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