How to Get A Bug Free Yard

bug free artificial grass blog imageSummer is everybody’s favorite season to spend outdoors. It’s so nice to get outside, light up the grill, enjoy yard games with your family, or do nothing but relax on your patio. However with the amazing weather that summer brings, soon after the bugs start to appear. Buzzing around your face, crawling up your leg or across your plate and stinging and biting wherever they can. These annoying pests most definitely can ruin the enjoyability of the outdoors.

Not only are those insects a bothersome to you, they are also doing a number on your lawn, too. They build their homes in the yard, munching on the grass blades, laying their larvae in the soil, which over time reduces your yard to patches of dead and damaged grass. Which leaves you the homeowner with more expenses, and more lawn maiwholebackyardntenance to do.

However if you switched to artificial grass.

Synthetic yards are perfect places for insects to NEVER live. Not only is food source reduced dramatically; there aren’t any places for the insects to build their homes. Because natural yards retain moisture more so than synthetic yards, they make a perfect breeding ground for not only insects but also mold and mildew. Which can increase the allergies in not only your family but also your pets.San Diego yard Artificial Turf installation

Your only option to dealing with pest in a natural lawn is applying insecticides and fungicides. These toxic chemicals not only pose health dangers for yourself but also our pets, and our natural environment. With synthetic turf being so inhospitable to pest, it leaves the homeowner with nothing to spray. The only way to deal with pests in a natural lawn is by applying insecticides and fungicides.

Top quality artificial grass drains much quicker than real grass, because of the way that it is designed and installed. A carefully designed system of trenches underneath the turf allows moisture to drain away quickly rather than puddling up. Leaving a nice smooth well-maintained surface.

Eliminating annoying and damaging insects isn’t the only reason to choose an artificial yard by One Putt Greens and Lawns. There are several reasons that you should choose to make the switch from natural to artificial. So stop being bugged by bugs! Call One Putt Greens and Lawns today (858) 483-8079 to discover the bug free yard we can give you!


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