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Artificial grass is a surface formed of synthetic fibers mimicking the look and feel of real grass.
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Lets go back to when research first began to find an alternative to real grass. “Chemgrass” was initially born and first installed in 1964 at Moses Brown School in Providence Rhode Island. Researchers were able to create the look of grass using synthetic materials that were able to hold up to heavy traffic.
Now it’s 1965 Houston, Texas and the construction of the Astrodome was just completed. Weather conditions made growing a nice green field of grass extremely difficult, so much so they often found themselves painted the dirt green to disguise the dirt patches. They had a problem and the newly invented Astroturf had a solution. Why not try grass made of synthetic fibers that could withstand heavy traffic of sports, but also save time and money? Thus was the first installation of artificial grass in a professional sports arena. And in 1967 the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for artificial grass.

Shortly after the patent was issued artificial grass started popping up on sports fields all over the country. Indiana State University became the first to install artificial grass in their outdoor stadium in 1967. Followed closely by Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium and Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium in the 1970s.

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With technology advances, synthetic grass has changed several times over the years. It is no longer the Astroturf of the past, but a newly improved alternative to grass. Today’s options will mimic the look and feel of real grass. The strands are longer and spaced further apart. Now made from polyethylene, which is softer and gentler on the skin. Although artificial grass originated being used in sports arenas, there has been an explosion of residential homes reaping the benefits of an artificial yard.

When thinking about artificial grass, many are quick to remember the original AstroTurf not realizing how far technology has come with this amazing product. Now with grass more realistic than ever, it is possible to have a beautiful yard with little to no maintenance while saving money and water. Do we have your attention? Are you interested in what benefits an artificial yard could offer you and your family? Interested in more information? Let One Putt Green walk you through the options and save you time and money. Call 858-483-8079 today for a complimentary consultation.

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