Top Four Reasons To Choose The Fake Grass San Diego Experts Can Install

OPG Blog Titles (2)Why is Fake Grass so Popular in San Diego?

It’s an all-weather playing surface that many sports fields rely on, from football fields to putting greens. But beyond the professional and recreational use, synthetic grass has also made its way to many homes across the United States. And here are just four of the best reasons why synthetic turf is becoming a very popular option over natural grass.

1. It’s eco-friendly in a lot of ways.

Synthetic turf doesn’t need watering like natural grass. Granted it does have to be hosed down on occasion so that the surface stays “fresh,” the fake grass San Diego experts install will still save you gallons of water you would normally use on natural lawn. The Synthetic Turf Council even reports that sports fields using fake grass have been able to conserve four to eight billion gallons of water annually.

Apart from water conservation, artificial turf also plays a significant part in reducing noxious emissions and the elimination of millions of pounds of fertilizers and pesticides. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that riding mowers create as much pollution in one hour as 34 cars while fertilizing lawns and excessive use of pesticides have contributed to water pollution.

Fake Grass San Diego

2. It’ll help you devote more time to your family.

Whether you work on your lawn on weekends or weekdays, the time you spend on maintaining it can be better spent with your family. Instead of toiling for almost an hour taking out weeds, mowing, and watering your natural lawn, fake grass can help free up your day for your family.

3. You can use it as your own personal putting green — without spending heavily.

If you enjoy playing golf, having a putting green in your back yard can help you work on your game. You don’t have to drive to the nearest golf course or be limited with an indoor putting green to practice. Having synthetic turf installed on your yard and turning it into a putting green will be more convenient and economical.

4. No more grass stains, bugs or pests to worry you when you’re having a picnic on your yard.

Picnics in your home can be a fun time with the family. By getting professionals to install fake grass instead of having natural grass, you and your kids don’t have to bother about getting grass stains or dealing with bugs and pests. You’ll be able to enjoy your yard as freely as possible, and for many years to come.

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