Fake Grass For Dogs Equals Prettier Lawns And Happier, Cleaner Pets

blog image for fake grass for dogs"I have a dog. I can't have nice things."

This is a common (and funny, yet totally relatable) sentiment of people with pets that love to get into every nook and cranny of the house — cats, usually, but even more so with dogs. While cats will often be happy to nose your things, sharpen their nails on a scratching post and squeeze into any type of box you set out for them, dogs are a different story. They tend to have a favorite pair from among your shoes and slippers to chew on. Any newspaper or roll of toilet paper left within reach will be torn to shreds in a matter of minutes. If you have designer clothes, shoes, and bags, fragile home decor, and pricey appliances, you'd better keep them in a safe place — if your furry friend hasn't been trained yet to steer clear of chewing and playing with everything in sight, you may just end up with quite an armload of destroyed possessions soon unless you tidy up properly.

It may be a better idea to let your beloved dog use up the tremendous amount of energy he has outside, where he can run around the lawn, fetch balls and sticks, and roll around as much as he wants. One thing you need to keep in mind, though, is that dogs can leave a considerable trail of destruction behind in the yard as well, if he absolutely loves high-energy play. Running around and digging are sure to cause unsightly bare patches and raggedy clumps of grass all over the surface. Plus, if your dog happens to come across water — from the hose or sprinkler, for example — your lawn will instantly become a vast ocean of mud which, of course, your dog will happily dive into. Muddy dog, muddy footprints on the living room carpet, a muddy wrestling match as you struggle to give the dog a bath — you get the picture.

 Fake Grass For Dogs

To keep your dog always looking and smelling fresh and clean even after playing out on your lawn, and to protect that lawn from becoming a casualty of high-spirited canine antics, you can consider having fake grass for dogs installed on your lawn. Rather than maintain a natural lawn that you will constantly need to water, trim, and fertilize, why not put an evergreen turf that is unbelievably low maintenance.

Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass; there's no need to worry that your lawn will look like a field of brittle, plastic-like blades of grass that come in unnatural colors. And yet, dogs won't be able to chew or dig through this durable material, and the absence of soil will prevent muddy episodes from ever occurring again.

Of course, hygiene will always be an important issue to tackle, but fake grass properly addresses that, too. This turf typically comes with a special backing or a drainage blanket that will direct your dog's urine and other fluids away from the surface. Dog waste will also not leave stains on such fake grass, and cleanup can easily be done by spraying with a hose.

Thanks to artificial grass, your lawn will become a beautiful, dog-friendly and worry-free zone — and so will your home's interiors, now that the days of muddy dogs charging across your pristine white rug are now a thing of the past.

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