The Cost of Artificial Grass

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If you are a homeowner, lawn maintenance is inevitable. There is no escaping the harsh reality that in order to keep your yard at home looking beautiful and green you will have to pay for it. Whether it be in your own blood, sweat, tears and lawn equipment, or handing the responsibility to another and paying them. Not to mention the insanely high water bill that comes from attempting to keep your grass alive and well. Over the years of owning a home these cost add up, far exceeding the cost of an synthetic lawn.

Yearly Lawn Maintenance 26 times: $1200

Weed kill: four times per season = $200

Aeration: once per season = $100

Fertilizing: four times per season = $200

Water bill: $125 x 12 months = $1500

TOTAL: 3,200/year


These numbers are estimates on what the average homeowner pays yearly to maintain their yard. With artificial grass there is no yearly maintenance cost. You pay for the original installation and then you can relax at home and watch as you save money from no longer needing lawn maintenance.

Why it is hard to pinpoint a price for an artificial grass installation down without a consultation. There are many factors that can affect the price.


  1. The type of artificial grass that you choose to install.

AstroTurf is typically what comes to mind when people think of artificial grass. However artificial grass has come a long way from the original AstroTurf. We offer you a variety of synthetic turf products for putting greens and lawns from the best manufacturers in the US and abroad, to fit every taste and budget.

  1. The size of the area you want the installation

You pay for artificial grass by the square foot, so depending on the area you’re interested in having artificial grass installed. Front yard, back yard, or maybe just a backyard putting green. The possibilities are endless in the ways that you can use artificial grass in your landscape design. Check out our gallery to see the different ways our clients have utilized artificial grass.

If you look at artificial grass as an investment, the cost becomes much more manageable. The new addition will make the property more appealing to prospective buyers if the homeowner chooses to sell the home and will also increase the homes' value when it comes to sale price. With those benefits added into the equation, the actual cost of the installation is dramatically reduced, making it a much more cost-effective option. For a small investment, a homeowner can increase the value of their home, and improve the external appearance of the property.

Interested in finding out more about your options when it comes to artificial grass? Give us a call at 858-483-8079 to schedule your complimentary estimate. Mention this blog post and you will receive 20% off of your installation from One Putt Greens and Lawns.


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