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Synthetic Grass installation in San Diego that is Pet Safe.

Artificial Grass Installation San Diego Better Turf, Better Landscape!

Artificial grass is better than real grass. It lets you save water, fertilizers and pesticides, so it is better for the San Diego environment. Synthetic lawns last longer and are more durable for both play and pets. Pets can’t dig it or stain it. Turf drains better than real grass and will never get muddy. It will look green and inviting all the time. Perfect for your family or for entertaining all year around and it will increase the value of our property.

synthetic grass San Diego Stop Mowing Your Yard, and Start Enjoying It!

Whether you struggle to maintain your real grass yourself or you pay someone to do it, you will enjoy considerable savings by investing in artificial turf. No more mowing, no more weeding, no more fertilizing and applying pesticides and inevitably, no more re-sodding. This will save you so much time and money. Plus, you don’t need to water it at all. The combined savings will make the investment pay for itself, so it is also financially attractive. Have the lush, beautiful San Diego backyard you have always wanted.

Artificial Grass but Real Benefits!

Stop Water Waste. Did you now that in the average home with a lawn 70% of your water bill is for outdoor use? This is according to the Metropolitan Water Authority and the majority of this usage is for grass. Water restrictions and the proposed volume limits for large lots mean that your natural grass will die. Experts say that you will need to shrink your green area to 10% of what you have today, for that area to be water sustainable. Don’t switch to rocks and desert shrubs. Have a maintenance-free green lawn instead and apply for water agency cash rebates, which are still available in some places, to help pay for it.

artificial turf choices Many Turf Styles to Choose From!

Unlike the other guys, we have many styles of artificial grass to choose from. Rough, brittle, plasticky, slippery and full of rubber pellets are things of the past. Modern synthetic turf is soft and plush and is available in many styles and colors. From bluer and darker green types like Kentucky Bluegrass and the family of Fescues, to more lime green West Coast varieties, we even have turf with a little brown touch that looks just like the way natural grass does. A secondary thatch in between the blades keeps them upright without the need for messy infills. From tall blades to shorter cropped styles, there is a life-like product to suit every taste. And, it can be installed around trees, between flagstones and right up to surfaces which cannot be mowed or made wet.

benefits of artificial grass Artificial Lawns Saving You Water, Time and Money!

Water conservation. Better for the environment. Saves you Time and Money. Kids and Pets love it. Pays for itself and your family and yourself can enjoy its beauty and functionality all the time. Don’t waste any more of your precious time and money. Call us now for a Free consultation. We will bring you samples of different styles and budgets to choose from and we will show you pictures of many beautiful installations to give you design ideas. We love to give people addresses in their neighborhood so they can see for themselves what we can do. We will measure your area and prepare an estimate based on your own choices right on the spot. Call us at 888-505-PUTT (7888) ... or fill out the easy contact form and we will call you to set a convenient appointment.

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