3 Problems Solved by Artificial Grass

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The perfect lawn is hard to find. That is when you’re talking about natural grass. While natural grass can be pretty and inviting, yards are plagued by typical backyard problems that can ruin the aesthetic. However artificial grass not only gives you the look and feel of natural grass, it also can solve your backyard problems as well

Pet damage

We all love our pets, but who loves the havoc that they can wreck on a natural grass lawn? No one! Whether they’re digging, chasing their favorite ball, wrestling with other pets, or just rubbing up against the grass eventually having a pet will take a toll on your natural yard. Instead of a lush green yard, expect a yard filled with yellow or dead spots, divots and holes.

Artificial grass can stand up to the most active dog. Unable to tear through or dig holes, your yard will no longer have worn areas. Urine drains right through and it’s easy to pick up solids, a quick rinse over your synthetic yard is all you need.

13260145_10153117338132537_7669909599307127685_nKid damage

Backyards were made for children, but your backyard may not be as kid-friendly as it appears. Kids can be just as tough on yards as pets. Whether they are imaging an elaborate scenario of pirates or they attempt to dig to China who knows where your kid’s imagination will take them. Do they play sports? The wear and tear on your yard from practicing can really take a toll.

If artificial grass can stand up to dogs it most definitely will be able to stand up to your kids. Not only is a synthetic yard kid-friendly it is kid-safe. Allowing your kids to follow their imaginations or practice their sports without fear of hurting the yard. If your kids are golfers then an investment in a backyard putting green could be just what your family needs.


Why is it the most time that we seem to spend in our yards is when we are doing yard work? What is the point of having a beautiful looking yard, if you’re unable to enjoy it? You should be able to enjoy time with your kids, practice on your backyard putting green, playing with your animals.

You will have so much more time to relax and spend time with your family in your gorgeous backyard when you switch to artificial grass. There is minimal maintenance when it comes to a synthetic yard.

Here are 3 problems that switching to artificial grass will solve. You don’t have to be enslaved to your yard there is a way to achieve a beautiful lush yard, that emulates natural grass without the hassle.

Aren’t you tired of the constant upkeep of natural grass? Do you want to use your backyard as an oasis and not another job? Curious about other problems Artificial Grass will solve for you? Give us a call at [insert number] for any questions that you have or to schedule your complimentary consultation.






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