What You Need To Know About Barbecue While Enjoying Your San Diego Landscape

15The majority of people in San Diego love to barbecue in the great summer weather and in the comfort of their San Diego landscaping. However most people in San Diego are not aware of the .

Here are the five basic techniques that all San Diegans should know about barbecuing in their San Diego landscape:

1. Gas Is for Saps
Although cooking by gas is easy and convenient, a real barbecue and its great taste comes not from gas but from the fragrant fumes of slowly burning hardwood. It is the smoke that gives your barbecue that great authentic taste. So never use gas to cook your barbecue in your San Diego landscape.

What You Need To Know About Barbecue While Enjoying Your San Diego Landscape2. If You're Looking, You're Not Cooking
Those new to barbecue cooking in San Diego sometimes constantly check the meat to see how it is doing. Hey remember the meat is not going anywhere. Just leave it alone and let it cook. Also if you are using a lid on the barbecue resist the temptation to constantly lift it to look at the meat. The second you lift the lid, you lose much of the heat — and you don't get it back right away. Keep your interruptions to a minimum and enjoy life with a beer and your family while relaxing in your San Diego landscape.

3. Never Go from the Fire to the Plate
Basically, the art of great barbecue cooking when it comes to meat is the art of not doing things to it. As in, not burning it; not moving it around too much; not cutting it too fast, before the juices have had time to settle back into the muscle tissue; and not overwhelming it with weird sauces or seasonings. Again relax and let the Barbeque simmer while you enjoy the surrounding in the serenity of your beautiful San Diego landscape.

4. Sauce Is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
Sauces should be at a minimum. The great flavor in barbecued meat is the meat itself, not the sauces which can smother that great taste. Barbecue sauces should be used sparingly. They should highlight, rather than envelop the meat, and they should be part of the cooking process. You might also consider mixing some of the hot meat juices in with the sauce before serving it. San Diegans like to experiment with the different sauces until they find the one they like the best and that best compliments the meat they are cooking.

5. Salt Liberally — Then Salt Some More
Use a liberal amount of coarse kosher salt (not table salt) to improve the overall flavor of the meat.
Unlike table salt, which just makes meat salty, coarse salt doesn't melt; it becomes a crust. That crust tastes good. Another great spice to use is black pepper. Both serve as flavor enhancers, rather than as competing sensations. Be careful, though. Unlike salt, it is possible to use too much pepper. Any other spices or rubs should be used sparingly, if at all. If your meat doesn't taste great with just salt, pepper, fire and smoke having been applied to it, you either need a new San Diego meat supplier or you need to step up your grill game.

The above are the basics which are important if you are to get the best out of your barbecue cooking experience. If you want to barbecue during the great San Diego summer at your beautiful San Diego home landscape, then learn how to cook meat with coal. Your family and friends will love you for it.

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