Eco-Friendly Synthetic Grass: San Diego Properties Go Green

blog picture of eco-friendly synthetic grassWatering isn't Easy

Homeowners who tend potted plants and gardens or lawns in their property know that there are correct amounts of water that should be used for watering specific plants. Give too little and you risk causing the plant to dry up and die; give too much water, on the other hand, and you may cause the roots to rot and the plant to die as well. There has to be a careful balance observed among several factors (watering, fertilizing, amount of sun, etc.) to maintain optimum plant health.

Watering Schedule

When it comes to lawns, however, some people tend to become less strict about their watering habits. They tend to water large grassy areas more than necessary, which can be a serious cause of water wastage. According to the Metropolitan Water Authority, the average household uses up to 70% of its total water bill just for watering outdoors, and most of this specifically goes to watering grass. This is why certain areas in California follow watering schedules so that homeowners can save several gallons of water per month instead of wasting water that could be otherwise used for other purposes.

Synthetic Grass for Pets

Ditch the Watering with Synthetic Grass

If you want your home to keep its expanse of grass and still save water in the process, then it would be a smart idea to look into a more sustainable alternative to maintaining a natural lawn. Have you ever heard of synthetic grass? San Diego greens and lawns experts can install an artificial grass lawn that will require much less water than a natural lawn, and they can assure you that your front yard will look and feel as green and lush as before. These experts can even install artificial putting greens, both in homes and in commercial areas. Think of how much water will be saved!

Artificial Grass is Surprisingly Soft

Synthetic grass can be made with materials like polypropylene or nylon fibers, but varieties made with polypropylene, polyethylene hybrid fiber offer higher quality. This kind of artificial grass is sure to be soft yet strong enough to last several years. The synthetic turf can last as long as 10 to 12 years; you will notice as time passes that the initial bright shine in the grass will disappear, but this will only help the artificial grass actually look even more natural.

Synthetic Grass is Great for Pets and Children

Having artificial grass on your lawn will free you up from the typical tasks involved with maintaining a lawn duties like weeding, watering, fertilizing, and mowing will become things of the past, and you will still have a beautiful front lawn to show off to your neighbors and friends. Children and pets can play on the turf and they will not create bald patches or other types of damage.

Forget the Long Weekends of Maintenance

Maintenance-free synthetic lawns can also be financially beneficial to you and your family. Some families may switch to tending desert plants and rock gardens in order to keep their homes water sustainable, although they prefer the look of a lush green lawn. You can continue to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a front lawn by using synthetic grass, and what's more, you may be able to apply for water agency cash rebates (which are still available in some California areas) to help pay for it.

Environmentally Responsible Synthetic Grass

Being environmentally responsible doesn't have to mean sacrificing your love for green, natural looking surroundings. Have artificial turf installed, maintain a lawn without using up water, and help save your area's water resources in the process.

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