Preparing for and Laying Synthetic Grass in San Diego

OPG Blog Titles (1)Preparing for and Laying Synthetic Grass in San DiegoIt is probably best when it comes to laying a San Diego synthetic lawn in your home, to leave it in the hands of professionals who can measure the area, supply the turf and then install it. However this is a guide to how the process works for those who may be interested in the process of laying a San Diego artificial lawn in their home:

1. Clear the area

You need to clear the area where the San Diego artificial lawn is to be laid. It needs to be clear of all weeds and grass - this may take some time as after the first round is done you may want to wait and check for any regrowth that needs to be sprayed.  Only when you are certain all weeds and grass are removed, is it a good idea to clear the path for the artificial lawn in San Diego, along with any big rocks or debris.

2. Level and compact the area

Your next task is to level and compact the site/area you have just cleared for the San Diego artificial grass. This is easily achieved by applying a small amount of water to the area followed by a vibrating plate compactor. This should create a nice solid, firm surface. As San Diego synthetic grass will not absorb water it is very important to consider the drainage.  Angling the surface slightly away from your S home should be enough to prevent any pools forming on the surface on the artificial grass.

3. Preparing the base

You prepare the base of the San Diego artificial grass in layers with the first layer being earth. Once the earth layer is completely dry and compacted the 5mm crushed rocks or crusher dust may be added and similarly compacted. You can also add sand to this layer as well in order to make the surface completely level and to ensure that any stones will not be felt through the synthetic lawn surface.  It is always a good idea to seek the advice of a San Diego artificial grass specialist when undertaking this part of the process.

4. Laying the San Diego artificial turf

The process of laying the San Diego artificial grass is similar to laying a carpet and requires the same skill set. Start by rolling out the turf and positioning it where you would like it to be. Once the turf is positioned exactly where it needs to be you can trim the edges using a sharp knife. Be careful to ensure that the San Diego artificial grass sits neatly on your prepared base.

You then glue the seams of the San Diego artificial grass together using a special outdoor turf adhesive and then join with wide seaming tape.

5. Infilling

The intention of infilling is to weigh down the turf and help secure the fibers so as to avoid matting. Thin layers of granulated rubber and sand are applied in four stages, using a fertilizer or drop spreader. After each layer is spread it should be swept with a broom or lightly raked, ensuring the infill has been pushed down to the bottom of the fiber. Finally a power broom may be used to give that added, professional finishing touch to your San Diego artificial grass.

6. Maintenance

You will have to wait around 2-3 months before the infill is settled in before you will see the best of your San Diego artificial lawn.  Once installed, the lawn will not need mowing or watering and is best cared for by brushing occasionally with a medium-soft bristled brush. Heavy brushing is not necessary and can have a detrimental effect on your San Diego artificial lawn, so proceed with caution.

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