Fake Grass For Dogs

Fake grass for dogsMore and more homeowners are installing fake grass for their dogs- and loving the results.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the benefits associated with owning artificial grass and were wondering how owning a dog or a cat would affect the product. The fact is that there’s never been a better time to own synthetic grass- especially if you’re a pet owner.

Today’s artificial grass looks every bit as authentic as the real thing- even better in many cases. One Putt Greens can install a lush, green synthetic lawn that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

One Putt Greens and LawnsFake grass is the ideal solution for dogs, since the grass will not fade over time, and it even stands up well to your pet’s urine. That means you’ll enjoy the year-round look of a well-maintained and pristinely manicured lawn regardless of the season, the weather conditions, or the amount of activity of your dog. Even if your dog spends most, or all, of its time out on your lawn, it’s going to continue looking great, month after month.

Dogs of all ages and sizes need a safe place to run, play and expend energy, and while that can lead to all sorts of problems for homeowners with traditional lawns, it’s not a problem with synthetic grass.

Consider just a few of the numerous benefits homeowners experience by installing fake grass for their dogs:

– No more holes in the backyard. Your dog won’t be able to dig in the artificial turf from One Putt Greens and Lawns. If your dog is the type that tends to nose around, find a spot in your lawn and then begin digging up one area after another, you’ll appreciate how synthetic grass eliminates this problem.

– Does your dog track in dirt over your beautiful carpets? With artificial grass, that will never happen again. In fact, there is no chance that your dog will roll around in the mud or track in dirt from the outdoors. Instead, your pet will stay clean and fresh-smelling for longer periods of time in between shampoos.

– Does your dog eat grass from your yard and then get sick? Pets that play on artificial grass enjoy all of the benefits of activity on a clean, comfortable surface without the drawbacks that come with real grass, including that all-too-common tendency of ingesting grass and getting sick afterwards.

One Putt Greens and Lawns believes your pet should have a superior surface for playing. They’ve created the highest quality fake grass for dogs and cats on the market. Their product features a unique backing that works like a drainage blanket to direct your pet’s urine and other waste away from the surface of the grass. Cleanup is simple and easy with a garden hose.

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