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History of Artificial Grass

History of Artificial Grass

Definition: Artificial grass is a surface formed of synthetic fibers mimicking the look and feel of real grass. History: Lets go back to when research first began to find an alternative to real grass. “Chemgrass” was initially born and first installed in 1964 at Moses Brown School […]

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The Benefits Of Artificial Turf: San Diego Residents Say Goodbye To Heavy Lawn Work

Bright Green Artificial Turf Life. Nature. Renewal. Energy. Fertility. Growth. Freshness. Safety. These are just a few things that people associate with the color green. It inspires a wealth of positive emotions that many people have chosen to incorporate it into their personal surroundings. Green is an […]

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Benefits Of Artificial Turf In San Diego

Compared to natural grass, synthetic grass and artificial turf in San Diego have a range. One obvious benefit of artificial turf in San Diego is that it requires little maintenance such as mowing and will reduce the carbon footprint as it does not require any harmful chemicals. […]

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