Benefits Of Artificial Turf In San Diego

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Benefits Of Artificial Turf In San Diego

Compared to natural grass, synthetic grass and artificial turf in San Diego have a range. One obvious benefit of artificial turf in San Diego is that it requires little maintenance such as mowing and will reduce the carbon footprint as it does not require any harmful chemicals. San Diego artificial turf also is longer lasting
compared to natural grass so is a great addition to any San Diego home or sports business.

Artificial turf is a perfect material to use for your San Diego landscaping. The artificial turf also has the quality of being tried and tested in commercial sports stadiums in San Diego. Most manufacturers of San Diego artificial grass agree that a well-used community or high school field may last up to 8 to 10 years. With limited amount of wear and tear – your San Diego landscape area could last a lot longer.

You will need to conduct a monthly cleanup of your San Diego artificial turf to remove debris and organic materials. Rotting materials will create habitat for insects and other pests and seeds can germinate in the piles. You will also want to regularly sanitize your San Diego artificial lawn due to pet defecation or food and beverage spills.

There are a number of common misconceptions about synthetic grass and artificial turf in San Diego, we have listed a few below:


Under a full sun, your San Diego artificial lawn can get hot, however this will only be the same as the effect on a concrete or other hard surfaces, the turf will remain just as hot as the real grass would be under local conditions. You can cool down areas of the artificial turf in San Diego by utilizing water or shade or by using lightly colored thin blades. Also, use light colored granules for infill to reduce the heat.


You will need to clear your San Diego artificial lawn of any seeds as they may germinate into weeds in the same way as they would on concrete, asphalt and paver surfaces. Be aware of your surroundings which may lead to more seeds being trapped in the yarn fibres so regular inspection and maintenance is the key.


Most San Diego artificial turf companies will provide a 6 year guarantee that the turf will not fade, stain or fall apart. Factors such as use, installation, type of turf, UV factors, should be considered.

What can damage your San Diego synthetic turf area is neglect. Keeping it free from debris, sanitized and groomed and it will last a long time.

Toxicity - Environmental effects of San Diego artificial turf

Extensive testing has been carried out that show that neither turf nor infill poses any health challenges to the environment or those in contact. What can pose challenges for humans using artificial turf surfaces would be the lack of: proper and regular grooming, improper personal hygiene, improper sanitation of surfaces after
play or contamination.

Used wisely, with appropriate grooming, maintenance and attention to personal hygiene – San Diego artificial grass surfaces and infill materials are no more hazardous than any other landscape or building materials.

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