Artificial Lawn: San Diego Property Owners Discover The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Synthetic Turf

blog picture of eco-friendly artificial turfEnvironmental Benefits Of Artificial Turf

More than 8,000 sports fields across North America use synthetic turf. NFL teams have been playing on the artificial grass since 2003. Many international sports federations, such as the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) are also using synthetic grass for practice and for actual games, including for World Cup matches. The artificial turf is so popular, in fact, that over 35 million square feet has been installed for landscape and recreational purposes. What makes synthetic grass so appealing?

Reasons to Install an Artificial Lawn

There are several reasons why most property owners have started choosing the artificial lawn San Diego has to offer. The most significant reason would be that it doesn’t need to be watered. With growing concerns over water conservation and some states even practicing water-saving measures, an artificial turf gives homeowners a lush and green front yard without worrying about the environmental and economical impacts of their water consumption. Of course, the artificial turf does need to be hosed down every now and then, to maintain its grassy and “fresh” appearance, but it’ll still demand less water than natural lawns will require.

Artificial Lawn San Diego

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, sports fields have been able to save four to eight billion gallons of water in using artificial grass. But aside from the reduced water consumption, artificial lawns also save property owners from having to use fertilizers and mowing. Over-fertilized lawns and excessive use of pesticides have been cited as some of the common reasons for water pollution in the country while lawn mowing can produce as much pollution as 11 cars and using push mowers and riding mowers emit as much pollution as 34 cars, as stated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Another eco-friendly benefit to using synthetic turf is that it reduces the bags and bags of grass clippings that most properties and homes produce. The EPA reports that grass clippings have become the biggest component of municipal solid waste in landfills. And because artificial grass doesn’t require mowing or cutting, there isn’t any reason to add to the already massive build-up in landfills.

While sports teams across the globe use synthetic turf for its durability, safety, and the low maintenance cost, many property owners recognize its significant contribution to making the environment a whole lot better. Artificial lawns don’t just save property owners from spending heavily on water consumption and doing backbreaking yard work like weeding and mowing. Synthetic turf also helps everyone contribute to preserving the environment.

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