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picture for blog superb solution to lawn problemsArtificial Grass as an Alternative to Natural Grass

Not everything natural is better than its artificial alternative. This is certainly the case for lawn grass. Natural turf may have the advantage of, well, being natural, but it’s less practical and less environmentally friendly as well. It may seem ironic that the natural version is less eco-friendly, but just think of the water used just to sustain the wellbeing of real grass, especially in San Diego (remember the song “It Never Rains in Southern California”?), or the herbicides and pesticides commonly used to keep lawn turf lush and healthy.

Artificial Grass Benefits

So how can artificial grass benefit San Diego lawns better than natural grass can? For starters, synthetic grass is low maintenance, making it more cost-effective. There’s no need to invest in fertilizers, lawn care machinery such as lawn mowers, pesticides, herbicides, sprinklers, etc. This lawn care set is so much more expensive than the upkeep needed for artificial grass. San Diego homeowners can definitely expel a sigh of relief over the lower water bill alone. Besides these, artificial turf resurfacing is necessary only about once in a decade while natural turf normally needs it about once a year. Big savings can definitely be expected with this lawn variant.

Artificial Grass Putting Green Ramona, CA

Natural Grass Growth Problems

There are also areas that do not exactly support grass growth. In some cases, the soil is toxic to the growth of verdure, and in others, the climate is simply too dry. With artificial grass, even these areas can enjoy a green lawn that drains much better than real grass. It is also much easier to install fixtures; homeowners don’t have to worry about a section looking dug up. And speaking of dug up, neighborhood dogs also won’t find it appealing to do their business on it, which effectively does away with a common source of dispute among residents of a community: pets wreaking havoc on a neighbor’s garden or lawn. For a consistently manicured look, artificial grass definitely trumps real turf. This is one reason why putting green is often made of synthetic grass.

Quality Artificial Grass

Back in the day, artificial grass used to be a far inferior alternative to real grass, but these days, technology has made it possible for it to better mimic the advantages of natural turf. It has adopted a velvety feel and now comes with rubber infill, making it even softer and more porous than real grass. Gone are the days of slippery and itchy plastic blades laid out on hard concrete. Synthetic grass is now as natural looking as possible and feels even better than real grass. You will also never need to deal with pests, fungi, mud, waterlogged portions, and overgrowth. With artificial grass, you can keep your lawn immaculate, year round, with very minimal effort.

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