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If you’ve been considering the installation of artificial grass for your San Diego yard, take a closer look at what One Putt Greens and Lawns can do for the look of your home’s exterior. The beautiful, even-better-than-the-real-thing appearance of artificial grass is only the beginning of the many advantages you’ll enjoy when you make the decision to call One Putt Greens.

Imagine enjoying the year-round beauty of a lush, green yard without ever having to mow, re-seed in spots that have come up bare, fertilize to get that deep-green look you want, or apply pesticides to eliminate pests. On top of all of that, your water bill will enjoy a much-needed break. If all of that sounds too good to be true, we invite you to see what’s new on the market in artificial grass for San Diego yards.

One Putt Greens and LawnsToday’s artificial grass is a far cry from that of only a few years ago, being extremely durable and able to provide many years of enjoyment under heavy use- even in homes that own pets. Consider the numerous benefits you will experience from the installation of artificial grass outside of your San Diego home:

– Whether you maintain your lawn currently with a push mower or a ride-on mower, one thing that doesn’t change from year to year is that the maintenance on your mower is expensive and time consuming- aside from actually having to mow your lawn. So sell your mower and never spend another moment trimming your grass or worrying about the health of your lawn.

– You and your pets will never again have to endure the biting or stinging insects that inhabit your lawn. That means no more fleas being carried inside in your dog or cat’s fur, and subsequently getting into your carpets. Fire ants are also a nuisance of the past- a tremendous benefit! Ticks, which are becoming the bane of outdoor existence, will no longer pose a great to you or your pet’s health.

– Fertilizers and pesticides are absorbed into the soil after your grass has been watered or after a rainfall. These chemicals leach into the water table and pollute the environment. You can have picture-perfect grass every month of the year without compromising your immediate environment.

– The cost of artificial grass for your San Diego yard can be considered one of the best investments you can make around your home- one that will pay for itself over time as you continue to save on maintenance, water, fertilizers, pesticides, time, and labor, month after month, year after year.

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular in the San Diego area- and for many good reasons. We invite you to visit to have a closer look at the many ways you’ll benefit from the installation of eco-friendly, beautiful, artificial grass in your yard.

If you have questions or wish to contact a specialist, feel free to call (858) 483-8079 or check out the FAQ page located on the website. Artificial Grass San Diego

Artificial Grass San Diego

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