3 Common Mistakes Made when you DIY your artificial yard.

diy mistakes artificial grass blog imageRegardless of who does the work, installing artificial turf is a lot of work. It’s an tedious process that involves many steps, and one mistake at any point along the way, and your investment is wasted. Initially it may look greaArtificial Grass Backyardt for a while, but the mistakes will start to creep up before you know it and it won’t be too long before problems begin to arise.

If you’re considering saving money by installing your new synthetic lawn yourself instead of hiring a professional, it is important to be sure you understand what it takes to do the job right. We think you’ll decide this is one of those times when it’s better to hand it off to a professional who is highly experienced. Which can be difficult for that dedicated DIY’er, but with such a large investment is it worth the risk?

Picture of blog title for DIY artificial grassHere are the top 3 mistakes when it comes to DIY Artificial Grass

  1. Skimping on prep work

Just like any big project there is prep work. This is not a step that you can afford to skip and it is important to understand all aspects of the prep work. Do your research If you don’t have a stable foundation, you can be certain the end result won’t stand up. Installing artificial turf requires plenty of preparation and as a DIY’er it is extremely important that you are prepared to do the prep work that is involved when it comes to artificial grass.

  1. picture of installation Making do with the tools you own.

Often Experienced DIY’ers have amassed quite the collection of tools. However it is likely you don’t own all the equipment required to properly install artificial turf. Which means that you will need to invest in more tools. Whether you purchase or rent these tools, this will increase the cost of your new.

  1. Choosing low quality artificial turf to install

If you opt to DIY your artificial lawn, then you are looking to get the best deal possible. Fake grass is a serious investment in the future value of your home’s livability and future resale value. Unfortunately, cutting cost can be an expensive proposition down the road. WiSynthetic Grass in San Diego residentialth artificial grass the saying “you get what you pay for” is something you really want to take in consideration. While inferior grasses cost less, they aren’t going to perform, look as good, or last as long as you want it to.

When purchasing make sure you buy from a company that specializes in artificial grass, not a big box store that sells every conceivable thing to do with home improvement. Also it is important to check the warranty, which will let you know how long it’s good for and what it covers.

So there are the Top 3 Mistakes to avoid when installing your own artificial grass, however there are many more mistakes that you can make. Ultimately, the worst mistake would be to try and install yourself. The risk of it not getting installed correctly is not worth the loss of your investment.

We all make mistakes. Why make them when you don’t have to? Especially when the decision is easy for you. And if you have already have made the mistake of installing your own artificial grass and problems arose. Reach out to us! We not only help you prevent mistakes, but we can also fix them! Please call One Putt Greens and Lawns at (858) 483-8079 if you have any questions

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